For POLISHING CONCRETE, concrete and self-leveling concrete coatings (such as Ultratop or Pandomo).


Thanks to the new design and the flexible and resistant support, SPIRAL quickly works to leave a smooth and polished finish.

To be used on dry concrete surfaces or with water on natural stone, marble and terrazzo. The new flexible diamond SPIRAL discs are designed to obtain an incredibly shiny and scratch-free surface on marble, terrazzo and natural stones.

SPIRAL is ideal for obtaining a semi-gloss, satin or opaque finish on trowelled concrete without exposure of the aggregate. SPIRAL is the best solution for preparing concrete before using intensifiers and sealants.


  • No “orange peel” effect: SPIRAL pads prevent the formation of the “orange peel” effect even on softer stones.
  • Faster polishing: SPIRAL pads require fewer steps than traditional maintenance pads.
  • Higher gloss and shine levels: better performance than traditional pads.
  • Wide range of GRITs: available from GRIT 60 to GRIT 5000.
  • Wide range of sizes: available in sizes from 4 “to 21” for all floor grinding and polishing machines.
  • Great flexibility: they follow perfectly the undulations and the unevenness of the surface.
  • Wet & Dry system.

Guidelines For Use:

DRY polishing of trowelled concrete floors and self-leveling concrete coatings:
  1. Start sanding with SPIRAL 00 or SPIRAL 0 according to the concrete conditions.
  2. Apply Concrete Hardener for densification and wait for the product to dry.
  3. When Concrete Hardener is completely dry use SPIRAL 2.
  • To obtain the different finishes, follow the instructions below:
  1. MATT FINISH: apply Concrete Shield Plus.
  2. SEMI-SHINY FINISH: use SPIRAL 3 and then apply Concrete Shield Plus.
  3. SHINY FINISH: use SPIRAL 3 and 4 and then apply Concrete Guard Lithium.
  • For daily cleaning of treated floors such as at points A and B in high traffic areas, use the HyperClean floor-cleaning pad. The use of chemicals is not required, the use of water is sufficient.
  • For the daily cleaning of floors treated as in point C in high traffic areas, use a high speed monobrush.
WET polishing for marble, terrazzo and natural stone floors:
  1. Depending on the surface conditions, start sanding with SPIRAL 00 or SPIRAL 0 to remove scratches.
  2. Smooth the surface with SPIRAL 1, 2, and 3.
  3. Polish with Polish HG92 or, if mechanical polishing is to be avoided, use SPIRAL 4 with water only.
  4. Wash the surface with Stone Sealer & Soap.
  • For daily cleaning and maintenance in high traffic areas use the HyperClean floor-wash and Stone Sealer & Soap pa


Model Grit Description
SPIRAL 000 60 Very aggressive grit to remove large scratches and marks on helical concrete surfaces or natural stones.
SPIRAL 00 120 To remove large scratches and marks on trowelled concrete surfaces or natural stones.
SPIRAL 0 220 Recommended for the removal of light marks on trowelled concrete and scratches on natural stones. Leave the concrete surface in ideal conditions for the use of the densifier Concrete Hardener.
SPIRAL 1 400 To be used after SPIRAL 0. Removes excess densifier or Concrete Hardener leaving a matte finish. It removes marks and small scratches from the natural stone surface.
SPIRAL 2 800 To be used after SPIRAL 1. For a satin finish.
SPIRAL 3 1500 To be used after SPIRAL 2. For a semi-gloss finish.
SPIRAL 4 3000 To be used after SPIRAL 3. For a glossy finish.
SPIRAL 4 5000 To be used after SPIRAL 4. Maximum polishing and mechanical brilliance.

Measures available from 4" to 26"

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