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Polish HG80
PolishHG80 1625

Powder in order to polish for derivative marbles with a great quantity for a competitive price! Excellent for the maintenance of superficial the hard floors. It quickly cleans and polishes an immense range of surfaces including marbles, granites, glazed, and glass. It is an optimal abrasive that when stirred with water removes inlaid spots efficiently. Specific for the use in commercial kitchens, restaurants, shopping centers and superficial stones.

    Polish HG85
    polishhg85 1239

    Polishing powder to polish normal or calcareous marbles. Ideal for polishing and for floor maintenance as well as floor washing. Excellent for the maintenance of hard surfaces. Quickly cleans and polishes a wide range of surfaces including marble, granite, porcelain, and glass. It is an excellent abrasive which, when mixed with water, easily removes stains encrusted. Specific for use in kitchens, restaurants, shopping centers and for all stone surfaces.

      Polish HG92
      polishhg92 1237

      Polishing powder for hard marble.

        Polish HG92 Cream
        PolishHG92cream 1624

        Polishing cream for marble, ready to use and odorless.

          Polish HG G
          polishhgG 1238

          Polishing powder for granite.

            Polish HGSM

            polishhgSM 1241

            Polishing powder for soft marble such as Carrara, limestone, etc.

              Polish HG T

              polishhgT 1240

              Polishing powder for light granite and tiles.

                Polish Terrazzo

                polishterrazzo 1236

                Polishing powder for palladiana, terrazzo floors and mosaics.