HG Emme Cleaner
emme cleaner 1435

Universal cleaner, suitable for both professional use and housework. Ideal for cleaning marble, ceramic, stoneware and synthetic floors, without damaging the surfaces. It does not compromise the gloss on marble and granite and also works in small quantities. Suitable for any type of floor maintenance.

    HG 100 Acid Cleaner
    100 acid cleaner 1434

    Descaling detergent. Wash and remove the saltpetre.

      HG Self Wax
      self wax 1436

      Metallic self-polishing wax.

        HG Lux Wax
        lux wax 2065

        Carnauba-based polishable wax.

          HG Stronger
          stronger 2066

          Degreaser for heavily soiled floors.

            HG Dewax

            dewax 2064

            Detergent for dewaxing. Excellent degreaser for very dirty floors.

              HG Emme Spray

              HG Emme Spray

              Spray-cleaning product for use with high-speed single disc machines.

                HG Antique Look

                Antiquelook 1413

                To enhance the shades of materials with satin-like shine and an antique look. The product is suitable for the treatment of interior / exterior floors in natural stone (marble, travertine, etc.), brushed, flamed, bush-hammered, sawn, acidified and polished. After treatment, the surface is protected from oily or watery dirt by a shiny barrier. The product has a high resistance to chemical agents, acid rain, atmospheric agents, oils, acids, grease and organic substances.