HG Planetario 1000

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Compatible with any single brush machine
of every model and every brand in the market


HG HYPER GRINDER, manufacturer of floor sanders, introduces the new chain driven planetary suitable for the single disc machines on the market.

Featuring 3 satellites 100 mm or 140 mm diamater, It allows quick and easy job for all applications. Using diamond tools, it is possible to grind and polish Marble, Granite, Cement, Cotto and terrazzo floors. Useful for surface preparation before laying coatings. Effective in removing old layers of resins and glues. The gear and chain transmission system multiplies the speed of the motor shaft of the single brush on the tool holder satellites ensuring a fast grinding without compromises.

The practical dust and splash guard made in anti-trace white finish material ,protects the walls from bumps and dirt and can be connected directly to a vacuum cleaner.

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With the new HG1000CHAIN planetary you can remove, smooth, graind and polish in the fastest and most efficient way. WITH HG1000CHAIN you can mount metal bonded, resin bonded or hybrid diamond tools, sandpaper, bush hammer, brushes and much more!

HG Planetario
HG Planetario
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