Hypervak T750 HSC

The industrial vacuum of excellence.

The Hypervak T750 HSC represents the pinnacle in the field of industrial vacuums.


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      Discover the Hypervak T750 HSC, the leading industrial vacuum that sets new standards in terms of power, efficiency, and reliability. Designed to tackle the toughest challenges in industrial settings, this vacuum stands out for its innovative features and its ability to handle continuous jobs, ensuring unmatched performance.

      The Hypervak T750 HSC represents the pinnacle in the field of industrial vacuums. Its unique combination of power, efficiency, and smart design makes it the ideal choice for your industrial cleaning needs. Explore its advanced features and get ready to revolutionize your work environment with the unrivaled vacuum.


      • Advanced Power: Equipped with a 5,5 kW three-phase turbine, the Hypervak T750 HSC delivers superior power, ensuring effective and consistent suction.
      • Self-Cleaning Technology: The cutting-edge self-cleaning system keeps the vacuum at peak efficiency, reducing the need for maintenance and increasing the appliance’s lifespan.
      • Ideal for Fine Dust: Specialized in collecting very fine dust, this vacuum is the perfect solution for environments where cleanliness and precision are essential.
      • Continuous Operation 24/7: Designed for uninterrupted work, our vacuum guarantees optimal performance around the clock, without the need for maintenance.
      • Quietness: Equipped with an effective silencer, the Hypervak T750 HSC operates with low noise levels, improving the work environment.
      • Innovative MULTI-Filter System: With 3 HEPA + PTFE filters, it captures even the finest particles, ensuring a safer and cleaner work environment.
      • Patented Filter Closure: Our exclusive solenoid system ensures the filter’s closure during cleaning, improving efficiency and filter lifespan.
      • Automatic  Filter Cleaning: The micro-vibration system automatically cleans the filters, keeping them efficient without external intervention.
      • Advanced Filter Protection: Our technology protects the filter from abrasive materials and enhances the cyclonic effect, extending the filter’s life and optimizing particle collection.
      • Practical and Robust Design: The tangential inlet and extremely robust construction make our vacuum perfect for the most demanding industrial environments.
      • Flexibility and Convenience: Thanks to the modular trolley and the quick- release collection drum, the system easily adapts to different environments and collection needs.
      Model T750 HSC
      Motor Turbina
      Power 5.5 kW
      Volt 400
      Hertz 50
      Amp 10.4
      Depressione-mBar 250
      Depressione-max mBar 320
      Air flow m3/h 530
      Nozzle Diameter Tangential ø 60 mm
      Body Diameter ø460 mm
      Drum Container 100 lt
      Model T750 HSC
      Volume – m3
      Size – cm
      Weight – kg