Transparent finishing treatment intended to form a hard, dustproof, waterproof and chemically resistant cortical layer.


CONCRETE GUARD LITHIUM-WP2 is a ready-to-use single-component product in aqueous vehicle based on organic / inorganic binders. It comes from the project to provide maximum performance to vehicle and walkable surfaces such as warehouses, commercial areas and car parks, through the use of a product with minimal environmental impact, demonstrated by the very low VOC (much lower than the reference 30 g / l).
Creates a permanent bond with the cement substrate by completely filling pores and capillaries to produce consolidation, impermeability to liquids and surface hardness. Its innovative micro film, rooted with the components and products of the cement matrix, offers the end user the necessary decontamination time of the aggressive agent from the floor, simplifying removal and cleaning, avoiding penetration and stains in the substrate.


Anti dust finishing transparent protective treatments, hardening and high chemical resistance finish for surfaces in cls and concrete, new or existing internal and external surfaces, smoothened or not.
The significant reduction in the absorption of oily substances and in aqueous solution allows it to be used as a stain remover even for stone surfaces and stone materials.
Can be used on an “concrete hardener” based previous treatment:
>> Concrete Hardener K10 / K35
>> Concrete Hardener Lithium / Pro
Used on internal, external, new or existing concrete or cement surfaces that need to implement impermeability to liquids. The thickness of the micro-film, relative to a few microns, does not compromise the vapour permeability of the substrate.
Intended for surfaces in residential, commercial and production areas such as:
  • Architectural concrete floors, shops, showrooms, production, packaging and storage areas.
  • Garage and parking areas.
  • Cement plasters.
  • Precast panels or exposed concrete blocks.
  • Limestone and natural stones in general.
  • Exposed bricks and tuff.

Water repellent, stain resistant treatment



It is recommended to slightly shake the product ready for use.
The dry residue, total active substance, allows the product to be used on newly built or existing surfaces with a different type of finish. In the case of existing floors resting on the ground, make sure there are no wet zones or negative pressure.
Attention: surfaces cleaned or treated with acid substances must be neutralized before the intervention.
>> Apply the product on the dust free , cohesive and dry surface with a low pressure or manual nebulizer pump, distributing evenly with a damp microfibre cloth or wax sprayer (while on surfaces with a rough profile such as brushed concrete, use industrial brushes).
The coverage of the first coat will depend on the absorption capacity of the substrate (type of sanding grain and / or presence of consolidating hardeners).
According to the absorbent power of the substrate and the environmental conditions,
apply the second coat once it is walkable, usually within 1 hour.
Avoid applying the next coat the following day. It is not essential to use high-speed polishing between coats. The coverage of the second coat will be higher than the first. The high-speed polishing will be performed after at least 2 hours after the laying of the last hand.
Coverage: 35-70 m2/l per coat (depending on the rough surface profile).
For interventions with substrate or ambient temperatures below 10° C, it is recommended to carry out a preliminary test in order to evaluate its technical suitability and drying times.
Moderate walkability will be achieved after 120-180 minutes.
It is suggested to put the area back into operation, after a week at least, during which the surface will not have to be covered, bearing in mind that the reaction is completed within 7-14 days in relation to the environmental conditions and the support, during which it will be necessary to avoid or minimize the contact time with chemical substances and mechanical aggressions.


Great resistance to stains from vegetable and mineral oils.

Improves resistance to freeze and de freezing cycles.

Compatible with all water based systems.

It provides water-repellency to organic and inorganic alkaline water-based products.

Creates a micro film that does not compromise breathability of the support.

It reduces the absorption of liquid water (better impermeability) without altering the passage of water vapor.

Greater resistance to chemical aggressions, salts and pollutants dissolved in water and stains, reducing the grip of dirt.

Decreases the risk of aggregate alkali reactions (ASR).

It prevents the formation of efflorescence from rising humidity.



  • Implements the surface mechanical resistance offering a pleasant aesthetic appearance.
  • It reduces the absorption of liquid water (better impermeability) without altering the passage of water vapor.
  • Reduces staining from vegetable and mineral oils.
  • Greater resistance to chemical aggressions, to salts and pollutants dissolved in water, therefore to freeze-defreezing cycles and stains, reducing the grip of dirt.
  • Limits the formation of efflorescence on the surface, in humid substrates.
  • Avoid alkali-aggregate reaction (pop-out).
  • Maintains the aesthetic appearance of the treated surface.
  • Easy nebulization and maximum smoothness with microfiber or wax dispenser.
  • Quick drying.
  • Very low VOC.


After dust removal , it is usual to use only clean water but, in the case of detergents, prefer those with neutral pH. Avoid the use of acid products, butyl compounds and high-boiling solvents such as D-Limonene deriving from citrus fruits.


Based on cls plate – Resistance class C40 / 50 – 400 grain finish
Decontamination time:
3h – 16h – 24h



For applications on bricks and terracotta, slight toning of the material may occur, it is therefore advisable to carry out a test under construction site conditions The instructions given in this sheet are indicative of an average case history and do not replace the evaluation of the professional user who will have to decide the choice of the right product and its best application according to the specific case he is facing.
Before each application, carry out a compatibility test of the product for the required use, for the materials and the environment for which it is intended, in relation to your professional and personal, environmental and to the general conditions in which you must operate.
The supplier, not being present at the time of application, is not liable for damages of any kind, direct or indirect to people, things, the environment, activities or work in progress, resulting from the choice and application of the product. As these constitute a free and conscious professional choice of the user.