HG HYPER GRINDER introduces the new discs for polishing concrete with power trowel.

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Finishing of polished concrete floor

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HG, thanks to its long term experience, introduces new highly flexible and resistant HCR discs in the market. Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. Make you achieve a high gloss finish on concrete floors floor with less effort and resources.

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The new HCR discs

The new HCR discs set new standards for grinding and polishing with a power trowel. They are extremely flexible and allow the highest finish even on very undulating floors.





Produce a superior finish

The new HCR discs make you achieve a polished concrete floor at an unprecedented speed and with a high-end finish.

HCR discs are made with a special diamond resin com- pound that guarantees a unique flexibility and resistance in the market.

The flexibility of the discs allows to obtain the glossy finish in all the areas of the surface.

The HCR system is suitable both for polishing new and old surfaces.

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Polishing of concrete floors: HYPERCONCRETE

It is the best solution for grinding and polishing new and old industrial concrete floors and wherever a long lasting and high quality finish is required. We recommend HYPERCONCRETE for:

  • Dealers
  • Stores
  • Shopping centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Schools and offices
  • Production plants
  • Conference rooms

Paving in polished concrete.

Get ready to polish many meters: HCR discs may last up to 4.000 m2!

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HCR discs are made up of special resin with a very high amount of diamonds. These elements work together to offer exceptional gloss and an unparalleled finish.

Polishing with HCR is extremely fast and economical

Up to 1,500 m2 per day with a man-on-board power trowel. Our discs have a long service life and may polish up to 4,000 m2.

Advantages of polishing with HCR

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HCR disks are easily to attached:
Takes 5 minutes only!

The velcro support allows a perfect grip that prevents the disc from detaching during use.

A safe and healthy system

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Using water as a cooling agent for diamond tools, our system also comply with the new concrete dust regulations by preventing silica dust particles from being dispersed in the air. Water also works as a lubricant to reduce friction, thus prolonging the life of the discs and allowing a faster cut.

Power trowel can be safely driven without shaking and swinging.

Prevents damages to the power trowel shaft.

Safe for feet thanks to its very low thickness.

Finishing of polished concrete floor

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HYPERCONCRETE polished concrete floors are beautiful and durable.
To protect beauty over time HG HYPER GRINDER offers the most suitable products.

Concrete Hardener H10 is a consolidator for all concrete, terrazzo and agglomerate surfaces. Reacting with concrete salts it greatly increases the hardness, the strength and it deeply seals the surfaces in order to prevent the penetration of oil, grease and other chemical agents. It stops the release of dust.

Compatibility All the power trowel on the market
Available sizes 5” – 5.5”- 9” (140mm – 200mm – 240mm)
Grit 60 # 120 # 400 # 800 # 1800 # 3000
Thickness 12 mm
Use With water
Bond Special flexible resin
Contents Industrial diamond
Attach Velcro support

How many m2 can i polish in a day?

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Production rates may vary according to surface conditions, equipment, operator, etc.

HYPER Mounting Mousse fitting adapter for all power trowels

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To start with our innovative HCR concrete polishing system, all you need are our HYPER MOUNTING MOUSSE adapters to secure HCR discs under the float.

Fig.1 Glue the male Velcro supports to the smoothing disc. Fig.2 Place the HCR discs on the Hyper Mounting Mousse. Fig.3 Fix the Hyper Mounting Mousse on the velcro supports on the smoothing disc.

Hyper Mounting Mousse DATA SHEET
Available sizes 24” 30” 36” 45”
Composition Mousse made of natural fibers and resin
Package 1pcs Hyper Mounting Mousse + 12pcs Velcro male

Reasons to love concrete floor polishing with power trowel and HCR polishing system:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Lower execution costs
  • Long life
  • Brighter environment
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to heavy vehicles
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Water-repellent
  • Anti-stain
  • Anti-dust
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Best work environment
  • Eco friendly
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Lithium Guard

Oleo-repellent product. The application creates a very hard film that guarantees maximum protection. It can be applied directly and polished with high-speed burnishing machines. The resulting gloss is easily restorable with high-speed machines that quickly eliminate scratches and markes. Recommended for airports, shopping centers and in large areas with high traffic. PRODUCT READY TO USE.

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Concrete Barrier

Water repellent nanotechnology formulation for concrete surfaces, mortars, bricks and natural or artificial stones.
Water based. Apply the product directly on existing surfaces to create an invisible and water-repellent protection that prevents from stains, humidity, superficial cracks and mold.

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