Hypervak 76

Professional vacuum cleaner specially designed for those working in the field of grinding and polishing concrete floors. It can be used to vacuum both:

  • Large quantities of dust during dry grinding.
  • Liquid or mud during wet polishing.


  • N° 2 independent motors with 1400 watt max eac.
  • N° 2 cartridge filters with Self-cleaning system to keep them always clean.
  • Pre-separator tank.
  • HEPA filter (optional).
  • LONGO PACK SYSTEM to collect dust.
  • Kit Liquid to vacuum water and sludge.
  • Tilting tank to easily empty liquids and sludge.
  • Height adjustable frame to facilitate transport even in small vans.
  • Semi-automatic cleaning system (SC), which cleans the filter with vibration and counter-blowing.

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